Business Management tools every student should know

Business Management tools every student should know


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Are you a student navigating the labyrinth of academia with one eye keenly on the bustle of the professional world? Or perhaps, you’re an aspiring entrepreneur ready to transform dreams into ventures? Organisational prowess, strategic acumen and clear communication are invaluable skill sets in the corner office.

Business Management tools have transcended the realm of corporations, offering a constellation of solutions that are now accessible to individuals and burgeoning startups. As daunting as it may seem to plunge into the world of productivity applications, mastering even a few can sharpen your competitive edge. So, let’s delve into three indispensable tools that every future business leader should have at their digital hip.

A dynamic taskmaster: Trello

Navigating the labyrinth of academic requirements, extracurricular obligations and personal projects can feel like walking a tightrope without a safety net. Trello throws you a line with its visual organising system mimicking the scrum boards used by software developers.

You need not be versed in agile methodologies to appreciate Trello. Its core is deceptively simple: you have boards, lists and cards. Each semester is a board. Within it, you craft lists designated for classes, study groups and social activities. Cards for specific tasks within those contexts can be created, moved and prioritised with a satisfying drag-and-drop ease.

For the entrepreneurial mind, Trello functions as a business pipeline. With a glance, you can oversee where clients exist in the journey from prospect to profit. Its collaborative features lend themselves to team projects, allowing for transparency and accountability with tasks and timelines laid bare for everyone involved.

With Trello, you’re not just managing tasks — you’re architecting your daily victories, building a repertoire of accomplishments that fuel your trajectory upward.

Connected collaboration: Slack

Academia thrives on the exchange of ideas and Slack paves the highway for exactly that. Breaking the barriers of email formality and the constraints of 140-character tweets, Slack is a messaging app designed for team collaboration.

Imagine a bustling marketplace of information where notifications are calls from vendors selling grains of knowledge. You can tag a colleague with a question, create a private channel for your study group or join a public channel that delves into your shared niche.

For the aspirant enterprise, Slack is the boardroom in your pocket. You can coordinate with suppliers, poll your target consumer group or pitch ideas to your potential partners. The search function is akin to a personal librarian, sifting through archives for that meeting note from last Tuesday or a discussion thread inspiring your next business move.

As you integrate Slack into your student and entrepreneurial life, you cease to be a solitary island and become connected. Ideas don’t flourish in a vacuum and Slack is your greenhouse, fostering a garden of innovation rooted in the shared soil of discourse and connectivity.

The omniscient note-taker: Evernote

In the pulpit of academia, note-taking is scripture. Evernote is an electronic scriptorium, offering sanctity to your thoughts and lectures in the form of an all-powerful note-taking app.

Transcribe your professor’s lecture. Clip an insightful article. Record an audio reminder. Evernote assimilates all these into notebooks and tags, forming a digital repository that’s infinitely more searchable and shareable than a binder full of paper.

For the budding entrepreneur, Evernote is a boardroom meeting waiting to happen. Compile research from the web, outline business plans and draft that critical email that might stir the funding you need for your startup. Its versatility extends to via extensions and mobile apps, ensuring your notes — and by extension, your mind — are coterminous and at the ready.

As a student or entrepreneur, your mind is a castle of ideas. Evernote walls those ideas within a fortress that cannot be assailed by the winds of forgetfulness or disorder. It’s a repository of knowledge that’s not just at your fingertips but infuses every keystroke with purpose and permanence.

The spectrum of tools awaits

These three tools, Trello, Slack and Evernote, are sequins in a tapestry of applications designed to transform your approach to work and study. Like a well-worn blazer adorning your ambition, these tools lend structure to your chaos, coherence to your communication and efficiency to your execution.

Yet, they are but drops in an ocean of innovative management solutions. As a student or burgeoning business mind, take the plunge. Habituate yourself to these tools, explore others and share your experiences. Engage with the tools not just as a consumer but as a critic, for in the dialogue of usage arises the innovation of utility.

Your journey through academia or the cutthroat lanes of entrepreneurship is but a palette for these tools to paint a picture of your potential. A canvas is only as effective as the brush that wields it and much like a brush is an extension to an artist, a tool is an extension to the modern professional.

Exploration and adaptation to business management tools are an adventure of growth and discovery, offering a robust skill set pivotal in cultivating leaders of the future. Trello, Slack and Evernote are not mere tools; they are companions on your expedition to excellence. Embrace them. Innovate with them. Let them explore the terrain of both your personal and professional frontiers.

Are you ready to don this digital armour and chart your path through the wilds of modernity? The arsenal awaits your claim. Share with us your experiences and let’s sculpt a narrative of collective learning and victory.

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