The secret to success-turned businesses during the pandemic

Like most countries across the globe, the South African business sector took a devastating knock during the COVID-19 pandemic. With small businesses collapsing and many people being retrenched and left without work – the thought of entrepreneurship was daunting. However, uncertainty and new needs propel creativity, pushing business-minded people towards creating their own sources of income and thriving while doing so. 

The ability to innovate, adapt and re-strategise was crucial for many businesses to keep their doors open. We breakdown a few local owned businesses that changed their approach and adapted to the new world and saw growth despite these difficult circumstances.

Yebo Fresh

What was once a small operation food business offering online shopping services to Cape Town’s townships now looks to expand its WhatsApp online delivery service nationally. Lockdown saw orders grow rapidly for Yebo Fresh. Founder Jessica Boonstra told Business Insider that they manage thousands of orders per day, and they have had to move office space three times within two years to increase their operational space. Now that’s thinking smart and catering to communities needs.


This South African health tech APP designed to streamline communication in hospitals signed a huge contract with the United Kingdom’s National Health Service in 2020. The APP, started by ex-Mxit COO Andrew Davies in 2017, will be used to phase out pagers in Britain’s healthcare system. This two-year deal was accelerated by the spread of Covid, keeping health workers in touch and able to effectively and efficiently provide healthcare to patients.

Granadilla Eats

Over a short space of time, Granadilla Swim became Granadilla Eats. With grocery stores struggling to keep up with delivery demands, the company went from selling swimwear to selling fresh produce. They started by delivering vegetables from small food-based businesses to homes in and around Cape Town. Since its launch  during our nation-wide lockdown, it was able to deliver over 20 000 small and local business products in its first three months of operation, and according to co-founder Adam Duxbury, the business has no intention of stopping, with hopes of delivering produce at affordable prices to people across the country continuously.


Pandemic closures created a spike in orders for grocery giants like Pick n Pay, Game, and Woolworths, but under pressure, they struggled to keep up with demand. Checkers was best positioned, took advantage and was able to keep their promise of fresh, fast and fantastic service delivery. Despite minor delays during the lockdown, its Sixy60 business skyrocketed in 2020 and continues to propel well with sustained growth. This is what happens when you meet the demands and needs of consumers but also maintaining efficient service with a smile.

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